Change. I've been craving it for the longest time. I knew that I needed a major shift but really didn't know what form that would or should take. Was it a new job in San Francisco? Should I focus more on building my yoga business or move somewhere completely new? Was it that I'm single and I just needed to meet someone? Change almost happened in a few ways in SF but I always had this unsettling feeling inside that it wasn't just right. And then all of a sudden one change happened, that seemingly was out of my control, and then the rest just started to flow into place almost as if a stone that had been blocking a stream had been moved and all of the energy was allowed to flow in the right direction. Flowing quickly. 

So now I have change, boat loads of it. Over the space of a few weeks, I left one job, went home for the best holiday ever with my family, and also got a new job in Brooklyn! So I'm moving to a new city! After 18 years of being based in SF, (OK maybe I had one leg out of the door for half of it but nevertheless, it was where I would return to), I'm moving and it feels great. NYC here I come! I'm incredibly excited to take on a new role with a company that just feels right for me. Excited to be closer to home but to try something completely different on for size. 

If I start to think about all of the unknowns that lay ahead, I get this feeling of anxiety mixed together with incredible excitement. I have no idea what the hell my new life will be like. Me in NYC? Not exactly my yogi/surf retreat I envisioned but that'll happen too (just later). Will I like NYC? What will my coworkers be like? Will I make new friends? What area will I like this most? Will I really die of cold in the winter, as my SF friends seem to think, or will I enjoy the seasons and all of the changes (fashion of course) they bring? 

So many unknowns. I do know that I will miss many things about SF that I probably take for granted. Like the incredible support and love of my friends. The beautiful blue color palate of SF. Access to nature, good waves, ability to quickly feel immersed in nature and yet I know it's time to leave. As an emigrant, I know that good friendships survive the distance and really just gives you a reason to meet up with your friends in exotic locations. 

Like Bali!!! I'm finally here. I decided to add a big full stop (aka period) after my SF era by taking some time to adventure far away and visit Bali. To make things even better, one of my closest friends, who I know from college but now lives in NZ, is going to meet me here today! Few days of yoga and healing in Ubud and then to the surf! 

After that, I'll go back to SF and deal with finding a renter for my apartment, packing my stuff, moving across country, starting a new job, finding a new place....... OK now off to a morning flow yoga class at Yoga Barn to notice each feeling and then send it on it's merry way.  

31 Day Meditation Challenge


Apparently it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a habit, or so I keep reading. So I've decided to commit to trying 31 days straight meditation. Why 31 days? Well, on the 31st day I will fly back to Ireland to visit my family and I like the idea of floating home as a super enlightened being. Either that or I'll settle for not losing my shit at the smallest things.  I've been meditating off and on for years but have never been able to stick to it consistently.  

I'm now ten days in and I'm finding myself looking forward to each days meditation. I think that's in part due to this app that I've been using, 10% happier. I love love love Dan Harris' podcast and the guided meditations...if you don't know it, check it out. Each day they focus on a new topic and do a great job of really keep you engaged and just being super relatable. 

So what's changed, if anything? So far I have noticed myself becoming more conscious of the thoughts that pass through my mind every second, the self criticisms, judgements etc. I'm definitely more aware of them but not sure if I'm doing it less but apparently noticing is the first step :)


New 60min Flow Playlist

New 60min Flow Playlist

New 60 min playlist that features some of my favorite artists and maps to the arc of a vinyasa class. Some slow music to centre, upbeat to pick up the pace and then slow meditative music to wind down.